Welcome to DRIVE

The DRIVE – Demonstrating Real Improvement in Value and Equity – Toolkit has been developed for primary care teams, healthcare systems, and community organizations to help improve health outcomes for diverse and underserved populations across the United States. The Toolkit also helps to enhance quality performance in practices and health care systems.

Health care providers and the healthcare systems are essential to the sustainable promotion of health in underserved communities. Unfortunately, few resources are available to facilitate this task. The DRIVE Toolkit was created to address this need by bringing together the most effective tools and resources based on learnings from healthcare systems and primary care practices working in underserved areas and the communities they serve.

The result is a 6-step rapid quality improvement QI cycle approach with a strong patient-, clinician-, and team-orientation.

DRIVE Toolkit: Step-by-Step

The DRIVE Toolkit consists of 6 steps that begins with assessing the current health environment and goals, then committing to the DRIVE program by training personnel who will be responsible to carry out the initiative, followed by implementing solutions, measuring progress, communicating DRIVE results, and finally establishing sustainability efforts.

Through the DRIVE Toolkit, coupled with coaching calls and select training opportunities, real improvement in patient health outcomes can be achieved.

Currently, the DRIVE Toolkit is focused on increasing flu vaccination rates, improving COVID-19 health outcomes and vaccination rates, and improving type 2 diabetes outcomes for underserved communities of color. In the future, this site will include Toolkits for other critical therapeutic areas that are problematic for vulnerable populations, such as heart disease, cancer screenings, and for other vaccines.

Drive Phases

  1. Drive Basics
  2. Assess & Understand
  3. Commit & Train
  4. Solutions
  5. Take Action & Measure
  6. Communicate & Sustain

Start implementing the DRIVE program to help improve and preserve the health of patients and communities today.

If you have used a DRIVE Toolkit to improve health outcomes or need additional assistance, please contact us by filling out the form below.