Advisory Group Meeting – COVID‑19

Holding a DRIVE Advisory Group meeting can help bring together key stakeholders and leaders in the community, health system, and practice to discuss how to effectively focus and customize the quality improvement (QI) activities in the DRIVE program.

During this meeting, a review of regional data, patient population and current workflow can be discussed and assessed. The Advisory Group meeting will also establish collaboration between different parties and assure a greater probability of commitment from the participants.

Running a Meeting

A leader of the community, health system, or practice can start the meeting by welcoming all participants and facilitate introductions. They can then present the health issues and gaps that need to be addressed and improved upon. Through group discussion, participants examine the current assessment(s) and identify ways to address the issues/gaps to help shape the next steps in the QI activity. Participants are encouraged to provide specific input based on their expertise. The leader ensures that all participants are aligned on how to proceed through the DRIVE program.

Namely, the following topics can be covered during a DRIVE Advisory Group meeting:

  • Clinical issues and needs in the community, in terms of its importance to the population, systems, and practices
  • Implementation of QI activity with the DRIVE program
  • Resources for education and training to help clinicians and patients
  • Description of participating practices and their characteristics
  • Identification of specific QI targets and Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSAs) that can take aim at these targets
  • Measurement approaches for planning, implementation, and evaluation 
  • Champion training planning 
  • Communication strategy for stakeholders involved 
  • Next steps and responsibilities for each stakeholder

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