DRIVE Toolkit Objectives – COVID‑19

The DRIVE Toolkit is a comprehensive approach to help improve patient outcomes by focusing on the following objectives:


clinical teams and community leaders to improve health in underserved populations


Champions to effectively communicate health information and improve practice flow

Provide Resources

that practice and community Champions can utilize to promote health care quality, equity, and outcomes


effective strategies with the practice team, system, and colleagues

Nurture and Celebrate

the teams’ success and ongoing commitment 

Health Equity and QI

The DRIVE framework provides a variety of Quality Improvement (QI) tools to aid in health equity efforts.

Health equity is a cross-cutting feature of quality and QI. QI is a customary approach utilized in healthcare to systematically improve the ways care is delivered to patients. QI processes have characteristics that can be measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled.

DRIVE includes various resources and tools to help improve health outcomes, such as information and guidance on communication, planning, education, team management, and nurturing, as well as coaching.

While some argue that QI by its very nature improves health for all, QI activities can and have widened quality of care gaps. QI projects should explicitly consider disparities specific to a region, system, or practice and, if they exist, apply strategies to close those equity gaps.

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