Examples of Plans and Charts – Type 2 Diabetes

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Sample Library

The following downloadable document details several PDSA activities and cycles for improving type 2 diabetes outcomes in communities of color.

The following may also help with implementation:

  • Multi-step PDSAs could be done with cycle 1 being assessing baseline; cycle 2 being pilot implementation of an improvement strategy; cycle 3 being broadening implementation of the improvement across the practice; and another cycle that may be included is improvement of medical record documentation
  • Results from the PDSAs should be reviewed by the champion/quality improvement (QI) leaders; shared with staff at regularly scheduled meetings; posted in staff common areas; and brought to the attention of leadership so as to share identified needs and improvements
  • All patient education resources should be in the language spoken/read by the patient
  • Champions are part of each of the PDSA, leading efforts to design, implement, and assess. Clinic leadership and physician buy-in is key to success as well as staff engagement

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