Identify DRIVE Champions – Flu Vaccination

For a successful DRIVE program, Champions need to be identified.

A Champion can be ANY individual who has the determination and enthusiasm to address a health need or improve a health issue in a clinical area.

Champions are responsible for leading, understanding, managing, planning, collecting data, and implementing the DRIVE program, as well as training and communicating with staff as the quality improvement (QI) project is being activated in their practice, system, or community.

In general, there are usually 2 or 3 individuals serving as Champions to lead a DRIVE program. At least one of these individuals needs to serve as a medical lead, such as a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. Typically for a DRIVE program, Champions consist of a physician or advanced practitioner lead, along with a non-physician individual.

Launch with the DRIVE Team

Practice and health system leaders can begin to establish a foundation for the DRIVE program in their practice or system by guiding their teams to obtain or address the following:

  • Acquire and/or assess performance data reports (eg, flu vaccination rates data, EHR data, etc.)
  • Establish space for launching and holding recurring DRIVE meetings
  • Develop methods of communicating with the full staff, system, and community
  • Identify people with particular expertise in QI or the clinical topic at hand (eg, QI chief, a “super vaccinator,” etc.)
  • Solve problems that may underpin underperformance (eg, inadequate flu vaccine supplies late in season)
  • Ensure alignment with practice and system priorities (eg, leader ensures the practice is aligned with the health system goals or the community’s public health needs)
  • Enable the potential expansion of the DRIVE program beyond early QI efforts

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