Making a Case for DRIVE Participation – Flu Vaccination

Champions cannot implement DRIVE by themselves—they also need to develop a case for other individuals to participate. This can be accomplished through ensuring alignment, impact, and ease of implementation:


Communicate a sound rationale to decision makers that is in sync with their health/medical/public health incentives or their desire to prioritize a specific issue or policy. In accordance, a Champion could make a case to their supervisor and address certain points that align with what their supervisors are already seeking.


Highlight the effect and significant positive results that ensue from the implementation of a DRIVE program.

Ease of Implementation

Reinforce that the DRIVE program has a simple and effective format that will greatly enhance local health outcomes and practice effectiveness.

Below are examples and sample questions that provide context for these 3 aspects of a DRIVE program focusing on flu vaccination:


  • Are flu vaccination rates low in your patient population?
  • Are you required to report flu vaccination rates to your health system or payer?  
  • Do you or your practice receive a bonus based on flu vaccination performance?


  • Approach implemented by thousands of clinicians nationwide realizing significant improvement


  • A quality improvement (QI) cycle will require 30 to 40 hours over 6 to 9 months by the Champions
  • Improvement strategies and activities foster efficiency and a positive work environment

DRIVE success factors

The success of the DRIVE program can be achieved by taking into account:

  • Strong communication lines and internal alignment 
  • Clear organizational commitment to the project and sustainable improvement
  • Shared understanding of project, goals, and data
  • Positive reinforcement for participants
  • Flexibility and creativity in meeting the challenges of implementation
  • Commitment to sustain better health outcomes in the community

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