Phase Overview: Assess and Understand – COVID‑19

The objective of Phase 2 of the DRIVE program is to understand and assess pertinent health baseline metrics so that specific issues can be identified and solutions can be addressed in accordance with those findings.


  • Collect relevant internal data to understand healthcare quality gaps
  • Uncover health disparities through data mapping
  • Understand issues and barriers impacting health outcomes
  • Determine baseline performance


  • Portrait of health care needs of patients and the larger community 
  • Understanding of system and practice gaps
  • Clear problem statements and issues to solve
  • Baseline performance measurement


  • This is a foundational step for identifying the DRIVE program focus and path forward
  • Each community, practice and health system is knowledgeable about their own environment, including barriers and resources for improvement, providing specific insights and access to data
  • A shared understanding of the data/health gap is critical to identifying issues
  • Confidence and trust in the data must be established through analysis and discussion
  • It is important to get baseline data to measure improvement in pertinent areas
  • Performing a root cause analysis, practice assessment, and environmental scan, along with other research, may shed new light on challenges and opportunities

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