Resources for COVID‑19

Resources to educate providers on COVID-19 vaccination

Many steps can be taken and resources utilized to help educate the clinical team on the risks of COVID-19 and importance of vaccination rates.

Here are some examples:

Host a quarterly presentation on COVID-19 vaccination by the clinics and health systems, since vaccination approaches are evolving

Set-up a lunch and learn for staff on the importance of COVID-19 vaccination

View a webinar

Share educational resources available online:

Understand vaccination disparities in communities of color and underserved populations:

Resources to Support COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccine Education and Equity Project

  • A resource for assisting the public in understanding the COVID-19 vaccines currently available, while addressing the skepticism around vaccinations that currently exist in communities of color and underserved populations
  • Includes one-pagers, infographics, and webinars

CDC – COVID 19: COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkits

NIH: COVID-19 Vaccination Communication: Applying Behavioral and Social Science to Address Vaccine Hesitancy and Foster Vaccine Confidence

  • Detailed report developed in consultation with experts in the social and behavioral sciences and public health that outlines evidence-informed communication strategies in support of national COVID-19 distribution efforts
  • There is also a tip sheet for communicators available

Resources to Educate Patients on COVID-19 Vaccination

CDC – COVID-19: Print Resources – Vaccines

  • An online hub of a large amount of print resources available for all audiences and across all topics related to COVID-19. Some resources may be offered in both English and Spanish

CDC – COVID19: Myths and Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines

  • CDC webpage debunking myths about COVID-19 vaccines

CDC – COVID-19: Possible Side Effects After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Education for patients on common symptoms experienced after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, helpful tips, and when to call a doctor

CDC: A safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is now available

  • A comic strip created by the CDC that depicts an encouraging conversation between two people where one encourages the other to get the COVID-19 vaccine (also available in Spanish)

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences: COVID Vaccines 101: What you Need to Know

  • COVID-19 Vaccine webinar and Q&A from Dr. Robert H. Hopkins, Jr., MD, MACP, FAAP, Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediactrics at UAMS College of Medicine

American Academy of Family Physicians: COVID-19 Clinical Reources and Patient Education

  • Features a collection of patient education resources relating to COVID-19 treatment, mask wearing, handwashing, vaccines, etc

World Health Organization – COVID-19 vaccines: Vaccines explained

  • Features illustrated articles on vaccine development and distribution across the world

U.S. Food & Drug Administration: COVID-19 Vaccines

  • Features vaccine news and updates, vaccine basics, and podcasts and publications for patient audiences

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