The 6 Phases of DRIVE – Type 2 Diabetes

The DRIVE Toolkit consists of 6 steps that begin with assessing the current health care environment and goals, forming and training a DRIVE team, communicating results, and setting up efforts to ensure future sustainability.

Driving Real Improvement in Value and Equity

Each phase has a unique set of steps that should be completed before starting the next phase.

For a more detailed explanation of each phase, please refer to each specific phase of the DRIVE Toolkit on this site.

Drive Basics

Understand the DRIVE framework

  • Comprehend the DRIVE program, its 6 steps, and its objectives
  • Understand how the DRIVE program can help improve quality performance in an organization
  • Create an Advisory Group with a range of practices and community representatives
  • Prepare for the launch of the DRIVE program

Assess & Understand

Identify problems to solve and quality gaps to improve

  • Assess practice and baseline data through various tools and resources
  • Characterize practice gaps and the needs of the patient community
  • Identify potential problem statement(s) to solve

Commit & Train

Align with key stakeholders on how to solve issues and move forward

  • Gain organizational buy-in and create preliminary action plans through team workshop
  • Recruit and train Champions
  • Mobilize Champions and team for DRIVE program implementation


Leverage multiple evidence-based strategies to help implement changes

  • Determine solutions to implement in a practice or community
  • Uncover different types of resources that are available depending on specific needs and audiences
  • Adopt effective and relevant approaches to providing key resources

Take Action & Measure

Create and implement a quality improvement (QI) plan

  • Develop a Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), rapid cycle improvement project
  • Access ongoing coaching and teleconferences through SHC
  • Measure change over time for specific metrics

Communicate & Sustain

Share results while planning next steps

  • Reconvene Advisory Group to share results
  • Communicate results to peers and community
  • Establish next QI activities to sustain health improvement efforts

This process may take approximately 6 to 9 months.

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