The DRIVE Framework – COVID‑19

The DRIVE Toolkit consists of a 6-step framework to help health care providers and health systems improve health outcomes in underserved and diverse communities.

What is the DRIVE Toolkit?

A comprehensive, team-based approach that integrates education, quality improvement (QI) tools, communication strategies, and key scientific and innovative resources that enable health system leaders, health care teams, and patient advocates to plan, identify, develop, and implement solutions to address specific patient and public health needs.

Who can use this framework?

This Toolkit is designed for health and medical staff, and also for any individual who is passionate about making a positive health impact in their community. One of the main objectives of the DRIVE Toolkit is to build and nurture diverse, interdisciplinary teams and ensure that all stakeholders are involved throughout the process in meaningful and accountable ways.

If you have used a DRIVE Toolkit to improve health outcomes or need additional assistance, please contact us by filling out the form below.