The DRIVE Team – COVID‑19

Participation from leaders of the community, practices, and health systems is critical for the success of a DRIVE program. These leaders can include a leading physician (from a practice), a Chief Medical Officer (from the health system), or a local church priest (from the community)—see below for more examples.

These leaders can help provide input and support the DRIVE program, communicate the value of program to key stakeholders, and implement the quality improvement (QI) program.

  • Leading physicians in practice can provide important input to Champions, and to system and community leaders. They can also contribute insights to ensure that the DRIVE program aligns with current practice priorities and the needs of the community 
  • Health system leaders can provide resources such as IT support and training session rooms 
  • Community leaders can provide insights on patient and community perspectives on a given health intervention during the planning phase, as well as help educate patients and the general public on the benefits of improving health outcomes for a given clinical area 

In particular, practice and health system leaders can also facilitate and implement the DRIVE program with their personnel and pinpoint the right participants. In order to have a successful program, it is important to have all of the health personnel team involved and empowered.

Main responsibilities for the DRIVE team


Help shape the initiative; educate the public about a health issue and connect patients with services

These leaders include: local church leader, social service provider, health department lead

Health System

Support DRIVE by providing data for analysis, training resources, and outreach for engagement

These leaders include:
Chief Medical Officer, Chief Quality Officer, Program Director


Multidisciplinary team that is trained as Champions to design the improvement activity, get staff buy-in, and lead the staff in putting QI plan into motion

Practice leaders can include: leading physicians and medical specialists

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